16 comments on “Day Three 5-30-12 and Sore Left Foot

  1. inevitably, it's gonna be solely your good looks that carry you when you get farther up 395. I wouldn't sweat the opportunity to regroup because it absolutely won't be possible then. Get your re-coup on!

  2. “I really have no idea what the fuck is going on here.” The picture isn't funny but that statement made me laugh so hard. Hope you're back on track by Monday 🙂

  3. Smashin' pics Jimmery. Some awesome colours in there. Send me some of the full sized pics if you get a chance.

    No idea what's going on in the wtf pics. Looks like something done got itself depawed though.

  4. Thanks Milissa! Yeah, it was really weird! I wanted to call the ranger station and let them know, but my phone was about to die, and I didn't see them around the rest of the day.

    I'll probably not be back on the road til Tuesday, Wednesday-ish. Just have to play it by ear day to day.

  5. I guess somebody's RV Pink Slip was up for grabs in a high stakes Scrabble game 🙂

    Which pics would you like, buddy?

  6. Ok. I'll try to send what I can now, but I may need to wait til I get to faster connection. One way or another we'll get 'em to ya!

  7. Love the pictures. Glad to know that you are listening to your body and taking care of yourself, not pushing to hard and letting yourself heal. Keep it up, this is an amazing journey that you have decided to take on.

  8. Thank you! Unfortunately, I had to come home because of my foot. It's not really improving that much. Not sure how long it will take to heal, and not sure when or if I'll be back on the road.

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