22 comments on “Day Two 5-29-12

  1. Mama Said you'd have days like this! Its ok….Its your trip, you are going to have these challenges. No one is going to judge you and you are on your time. Just don't hurt yourself. You are doing great! Proud of you! You can dooo it!


  2. I don't know You or anything beyond what You posted ,but if I look at Your walk, it seems to me a perfect metaphor for life…Every day we put on our shoes and walk. Rough weather and roads ,unfriendly people put a damper on things yet there are all the little things to be grateful for. The sooner we learn to take care of our equipment (mind,body,spirit) the better prepared we are. I am looking forward to all the lessons to be learned from this, not just for You,but all of us partaking in Your journey as observers and cheerleaders! Walk on 🙂

  3. Jim! I am so proud of you. Woopty freakin' doo, you left out at 8:45!?! I was still in bed telling Deke to shut the hell up at 8:45 this morning. You rock!

  4. take yer time man. you don’t have a schedule, it ain’t a marathon with a finish line. the experience is the whole point right?

    glad you got a room, you gots to indulge sometimes

    • haha well I don’t wanna take TOO much time, otherwise I’ll miss you when you go on your annual summer roadtrip!

  5. I don't think 8 miles is bad for day 2. Give it a few more days and 8 miles will seem like a stroll in the park. You just gotta beat your feet up a little more – show 'em who's boss. They'll give in eventually.

    Go Jim!

  6. Isn't it fun to encounter nice strangers? I love that. For every asshole there ends up being two or three surprisingly kind souls. Don't beat yourself up about your progress – the road will beat you up enough as it is. Your trip, so whatever pace happens is right. Stay warm and enjoy the new sights and folks! I am a little jealous.

  7. I hope they give in! It'll come together. When I first started training I could barely walk a mile. But I kept at it and eventually built up my endurance and mileage.

  8. “the road will beat you up enough as it is.” I like that! And yes, it is fun meeting new people like that. I hope it happens a lot!

  9. still, it can’t be denied. your efforts have put you eight miles farther down the road. That is success. As is any day, unless its a day spent walking backwards

  10. Jim,
    before you buy a new sleeping bag, what is your temp rating on yours? You may be able to simmply purchase a sleeping bag liner which is far cheaper, helps keep the bag clean and is easy to watch, they have them that add anywhere from 5-35 degrees i think. Also if you can, avoid setting up camp by water, such as rivers and lakes, for whatever reasons those 2 places can be upwards of 10 degrees cooler than away from them.

    michael grosse —i have a 20 degree synthetic bag you can have…i can drive up 395 and drop it off or send it to you…

  11. jimbo im proud of you . your moving in a direction that no one else can say they have accomplished. your memories will be for a lifetime! inspired by you im using a promoter to track my daily distances! thinking of you my friend!
    (comment 2 the first didn’t stick..sorry if this repeats)

  12. Michael that's a really awesome suggestion, thanks! My bag is 55 degrees, and I have a few options to look into. I'm holed up for a few days right now, though, as I try to let my foot heal from an injury on my first day. I'll be updating the blog soon with more details. If you do want to head up and meet me somewhere, that would be really cool, and you're more than welcome to join me for a day or two if you wish. Thanks for checking in!

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