24 comments on “Change of Plans

  1. Love the photo of your with your new walker. This is a great idea….PLUS…if you get hurt, you can always sit on it and wheel your ass around. Or, when the zombies in upper Oregon find you, you can use the red material to confuse them, like a Matador.

  2. Also, does your mom really put up 4 different wreaths at Xmas? (Damn, I gotta get me more of those.) -jhd

  3. Take a pump + puncture repair kit (you remember how to fix a tire don't you???).
    Bear in mind if you're planning on putting wider/knobbly tires on (think it said that in your amazon review) that there's going to be more drag and more pushing involved.
    Brakes – get a bungee cord + attach it to the frame, then hook the wheel each side with the bungee anytime you stop somewhere. Could maybe use carabiners hanging from the frame on bits of string too.
    Classic pic at the top there Jimbly. If you retook that while wearing a santa hat, you could send it out as xmas cards this year.

  4. HAHA Yeah I should get a cool flag like that! Great suggestion on the bungee cord! I think I'll do that. Not a bad idea for the Christmas card either! Cheerio, buddy!

  5. I think its a great choice and does help to look more obvious for cars and maybe they will pay more attention to you if they think there is a baby in it. 🙂 Sounds like you are doing a great job getting ready for this and are going to have a great trip!

  6. What I need is an anti-gravity device! Hey man, didn't know you had a blog. I am now “following” it and look forward to your updates!

  7. Great addition to your treck! I'm excited for you Jim. Really do love the picture of you with your cart. Looks like you are going to have a great adventure.

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