10 comments on “Evening Thunderstorm May 15, 2012

  1. I love the pictures. My favorite is the last picture of the lone tree. The pink and grey sky is beautiful and the tree looks as if there is a light shining on it. Keep up the good work. You are doing fine. I usually set my canon on automatic unless I feel adventerous.

  2. i like that the storm was murky and had no easy definition. i bet in person this was much less the case. i also like the defined mountain range, we see that in every direction up here and the tree was tryin, flailing even. shit. i like em

  3. All of these are great!! Loooove the mountain pics!!! Hummm…you asked for sugestions…? You may want to try a uv filter, it will give it that “more focused” look-crisp it up a bit and take out some haze. There are so many filters out there to choose from. Also for landscape, use a film that catches cool colors like fuji and warm like Kodak for that extra pop!

  4. Thanks Angie! Well, I can't use film because it's a digital camera haha. I do have a UV filter, and a polarizer as well. Didn't use the polarizer on these, though.

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