6 comments on “Big Update and HALP!!!

  1. ok so when you get to corvallis I am going to bring you from there to my place. Alsea is about thirty miles due west, but it is OVER marys peak- and THAT walk I will spare you!

    We will go out to the coast too if you stay a day or so. I plan to take the day off if I work when you’re here. So we can get a good hike in !

    Or, just lounge and rest yer blistered feet.

    • Beautiful! I would definitely like to stay a couple days if that’s possible. And I have no problem pitching my tent up in your back yard or whatever. I’m down for a day at the coast, but we’ll see how I feel when I get there. I also wouldn’t mind hanging out in town with a little. While you’re working I can chill at a nearby coffee shop ( I assume there’s one nearby…). And if you pick me up in Corvallis, cool! As long as you can drop me back off where you got me from so I can resume my walk from there. Keep tabs on my blog, and maybe let me know what days you normally have off and I’ll try to time it accordingly so I don’t fuck you all up at work.

      Can’t wait to see you!

    • Thanks!!! Don’t feel obligated to get me anything. You’re already helping me out enough as it is with being able to stay with you for a couple/few days. I mostly just can’t wait to get up there and see you and see where you live and work. I’m super excited!

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