15 comments on “Good day, good weekend, and most of all, good friends and family

  1. That is sooooooo great Jim. I am glad your parents are helping out. Love love love the camera. Of course it is just like mine. You will be so happy with the picture quality and ease of use. Practice with the action shots just in case you see something worth shooting in that mode. Can't wait to see the pictures of your trip and hear about all your adventures. Your dog is totally cute. Is she a Chiuahua (SP)Are you taking her with you?

  2. Thanks! Yeah, there's a lot to learn about the camera, but I feel confident I'll catch on quickly. My dog is a Chiweenie. Half Chihuahua, half Weiner dog! No, not taking her with me haha.

  3. Thanks Dana! A lot of times I feel really down and out, desperate and alone, but then I remember all my kick ass friends like Paul and Laurel, Lori, and you and Heidi and all the great things all of you and so many others have done for me over the years. I owe a lot to all of my friends, and feel guilty at times about all the help I have received. Get some pics for ya soon hopefully!

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